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Dehumidifier of MDC250 Customized air

Dehumidifier of MDC250 Customized air
  • Dehumidifier of MDC250 Customized air
  • Dehumidifier of MDC250 Customized air
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Purposes of a product

MDC250 Customized dehumidifier (with the post-heater) is intended for effective control of humidity and air temperature in rooms. The dehumidifier is equipped with the post-heater for additional heating of working air. Can work as the autonomous equipment, and in a complex with system of processing of air. For work in the recirculation mode for installation it is necessary an additional option ̶ the panel with openings for accession of air ducts.

The compact design of MDC250 Customized allows to transfer and establish it to one person, work of installation demands the minimum maintenance.

The dehumidifier is used:

  • For drainage of air in buildings in the course of repair work, the buildings damaged by moisture.
  • For control of humidity in cellars and garages.
  • Drainages of air in warehouse, pump stations etc.

Feature of the adsorptive rotor dehumidifier:

  • Effective work at low temperatures.
  • Reaches and maintains low humidity of air.
  • Case ̶ stainless steel.

The dehumidifier is equipped:

  • the adsorptive rotor;
  • fan;
  • filter;
  • reactivation heater;
  • heater of working air.
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 02.10.2019
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